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We have been designing and building electrically, heated hose assemblies for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, and food & beverage companies for years.

Our PTFE lined flexible hoses and custom, temperature control panels are manufactured in the U.S.A and we ship globally. Contact us today to allow our engineers to assist you with your upcoming project or replace your current hoses.

Electrically Heated Hose Assemblies

For use in applications where the temperature of the process fluid entering the hose assembly must be regulated as it passes through the hose. This is usually required to prevent solidification or an increase in the fluid viscosity.

Our heated hoses comprises either a resistance element or a self-regulating element spirally wrapped around the hose assembly. Self regulating elements may require a sensor and temperature controller, that we can design for your application, if a specific maintained temperature is required.

Each hose is custom designed and built to suit the requirements of the particular application.